Building consents

Building consents hint at overbuild in the coming years. Hopefully New Zealanders returning from overseas to avoid COVID-19 becomes a reality soon.

This data is easy to find, but tedious to extract, and in this format is difficult to use. Clearly there was a reduction post GFC, and clearly there is strong growth now, but how much in each region?

Using an index, the differences between regions is obvious:

Canterbury clearly had too many properties built in response to the earthquake rebuild, that lowered rental prices and slowed growth. However that growth has begun to appear again to match and exceed other regions.

Bay of Plenty growth ceased 3 years ago and they have not been able to get it going again, so prices there are rising as well as Wellington which went through a similar dull period from 2014 to 2018. However Wellington growth is higher than any other region now, does this mean over-supply coming? Of course it does.

Auckland defies logic. this will end in tears.

Jonette 2011