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This is the home page for Jonette landlord statistics.  Click here to go immediately to the blog.

The stats I report are those not usually reported by other sites in NZ.  they include:

  1. Inventory - a count of listings on trademe by region - I also look closer at Wellington Territorial Authority areas (TA’s) from time to time.  Data is collected from Trademe
  2. Gross Yield, simply Geometric Mean  rents divided by average current value (CV) by TA or region.  (see stats dept for their description of Geometric Mean, but it simply means a better average that removes sale number biases in any month)
  3. Afordability, a measure of how much is paid weekly by owners vs renters for the “average property”, ie what people actually pay monthly or weekly, not the price.
  4. Rent analysis, with the intent of providing statistics that can be used to set rents under the new regime being proposed by government

Jonette Consulting previously provided resources to TrueNet, a partly owned company in partnership with Catalyst IT.   Jonette is now blogging statistical analysis of the NZ housing market, an interest of mine from details I used for my success as an investor.

Property expertise

Jonette Consulting also provides

  • Rental accomodation in Wellington only, as vacancies come available, see our properties here
  • Housing industry analysis blog, specifically data about rental inventory or listings
  • A community site for Eastbourne on the east coast of Wellington Harbour
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