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The Telecommunications industry is in the process of an extreme makeover, competition is increasing quickly.    Regulations have opened up opportunities for many new businesses and not so new.  Jonette Consulting provides resources to TrueNet, a partly owned company in partnership with Catalyst IT.   

TrueNet monitors the broadband market and reports regularly to the public comparing ISPs, this ensures that ISP customers are well informed, increasing competition within the ISP market.  

TrueNet can also monitor your network for private use, to understand how well your customers are getting the services you offer.  We have the skills and a very economic method of measuring and reporting accurately on the results in real time. 

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Jonette also provides

  • Rental accomodation, see our properties here
  • Housing industry analysis blog, specifically data about rental inventory or listings
  • A community page for Eastbourne on the east coast of Wellington Harbour
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